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Pall Rings

Pall rings have applications in direct contact cooling, different separation & absorption, tower packing, quench towers and other. These are also ideal for reaction towers, steam stripping, stripping services and distillation columns. Pall rings have maximum versatility, high strength and corrosion resistance.

Raschig Rings

Raschig rings have a tubular structure which is used in random packing materials. These are mostly found in mass transfer operations, chemical processing and fractional distillation. Our offerings are usually made from plastic, carbon, metal etc. Raschig rings are attributed with durability and excellence.

CMR Ring

CMR rings are used for FEP lined distillation columns or gas scrubbers, FEP coated columns or scrubbers, and glass lined columns or scrubbers. These are utilized in stripping, absorption and environmental applications. CMR rings are robust in construction and highly durable.

Mini Rings

Mini rings are known for vacuum distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, easy carbonization material distillation and more. These are manufactured by using stainless steel and polypropylene material. Mini rings have high performance efficiency, seamless finishing and robustness. These are also suitable for decomposable plant material distillation.

Snowflake Ring

Snowflake rings are designed for abrasive applications. These are found in liquid and chemical processing industries. Our offered products have snowflake like structure which is durable and sturdy. Snowflake rings are also utilized in packing towers. Can be availed in different sizes.

Tellerette Packing Ring

Tellerette packing rings are processed by using top grade HDPE material and advanced technology. These are used for increasing contact between rising vapor and falling liquid. Our products are also ideal for gas absorption operations. Get these in different finishes, sizes and dimensions.

Tower Packing Ring

Tower packing rings are most commonly used in cooling towers for steam condensation and high surface area. These do not restrict the flow of liquid. Our products are anti-corrosive in nature, light weighted and strong in construction. Tower packing rings come in a diverse finishes, sizes and shapes.

Intalox Saddles

Intalox saddles are applicable for liquid-liquid extraction, stripping, heat transfers, absorption and distillation. Our offerings are best suitable for distillation operations. These also increase the quantities of gas holes. Intalox saddles are highly reliable, versatile and durable.

Helix Packing Ring

Helix packing rings can be found in chemical, alkali-chloride, coal gas and other industries. These are utilized for gas absorption, gas & cooling purification, environmental protection and more. Helix packing rings are durable, easy to install and robust.

Ceramic Honeycomb

The best ceramic products available right now are our Ceramic Honeycomb. In many catalytic converters for vehicles, these honeycombs are employed as the extruded substrate. Our honeycomb's distinctive structure makes it possible for them to be widely employed in a variety of filtering procedures that are necessary in several sectors.

Metal Intalox Saddles

We provide metal Intalox Saddles because they have advantages including a big useful interfacial area, great mechanical durability, and minimal pressure difference. These intalox saddles are more effective than plastic intalox saddles because they have superior stiffness and packing strength.

Ceramic Intalox Saddles

Ceramic Intalox Saddles are currently one of the most inexpensive types of tower packaging available. Simple design and long-lasting construction of our saddles lower operating and maintenance expenses while minimizing downtime for maintenance and cleaning.

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